The AnaCapa, through Anaheim Door, is the premier steel door in the garage door industry, offering an extensive range of exclusive benefits, product specs, and advantages.


The AnaCapa stacks four sections high in a 7' tall opening, and goes to 5' section high door when ordered for an 8' tall opening.


A life-of-ownership warranty on the panels, hardware, and even torsion springs comes standard with the Anaheim Door AnaCapa, setting it apart from many other doors on the market.


With full two inch thick sections and a premium polyurethane insulation, the AnaCapa offers an exceptional R-18 insulation value.


Like all of our steel doors, the AnaCapa garage door can be ordered solid panel, or with a broad range of optional window designs and glass styles available for the top section.


To enhance the interior aesthetics, an upgraded PermaKote white powder-coated track and hardware system is included as a standard feature with every AnaCapa garage door.


For increased safety benefits, each AnaCapa is built with an integrated pinch-resistant section arrangement, minimizing the risk of injury when operating doors by hand.


The AnaCapa is available in a total of six ultra high quality baked on finishes, including white, claytone, graytone, brown, hunter green, and as illustrated, almond.


The claytone colored finish, shown, often provides a perfect contrast for customers seeking a color lighter than brown, but darker than almond.


AnaCapa door sections are constructed from strong, rust resistant, 24 gauge embossed steel protected with hot-dripped galvanization and coated with a baked-on fade-resistant polyester finish.


The Ponderosa window inserts, as shown, are an exceedingly popular design for many sectional garage doors.


The claytone color provides a perfect accent to a wide range of detailed stone work and wrappings popular with many of today’s fine homes.


The brown finish on the AnaCapa has an enhanced UV protection system against fading improved through the Kynar paint process, greatly increasing the lifetime aesthetics of your garage door.


Plain windows are a cost effective way to add light and design to your garage, without complicating the pattern or layout through plastic inserts.


Each AnaCapa is equipped with thermal protection, preventing heat loss and metal-to-metal contact between interior and exterior surfaces, and increasing energy savings.


The AnaCapa, through Anaheim Door, is the premier steel door in the garage door industry, offering an extensive range of exclusive benefits, product specs, and advantages.



  • The beautify embossed, raised panels of the AnaCapa hide a dense PolyUrethane core and steel back creating a deceptively strong two-inch thick door
  • Two inch thick sections bonded with 24-gauge embossed steel
  • Finger protection is integrated into the design of the AnaCapa with an exclusive finger protection system which gently pushes fingers away from section joints. Other manufacturers simply use add-on cap or shield.
  • The PolyUrethane insulation core fills 100% of the doors interior space offering superior energy savings with an amazing 18 R-value. The superior PolyUrethane insulation also helps reduce noise.
  • Thermal protection integrated into the design of the AnaCapa further increases energy efficiency thru a continuous thermal break preventing heat loss and metal-to-metal contact between interior and exterior surfaces
  • Baked-on polyester paint finish provides ultimate surface protection starting with high tensile strength steel protected with a galvanized layer, then an epoxy primer, followed by a final layer of baked-on polyester paint
  • 6 colors to choose from for a baked-on polyester paint or choose an optional custom pre-paint for a more precise match to your home. Colors include White, ClayTone, Almond, GrayTone, Brown or Hunter Green
  • 3 standard designs plus 8 optional door designs including a Carriage House panel option
  • Carriage House panel option with colonial (small panel) embossments are spaced for a carriage house look. Decorative hardware can be added as an option to provide a finishing touch.
  • Torsion Springs are upgraded with longer life than industry standard springs resulting in a "For as long as you own your home" warranty. See written warranty for details
  • Warranted for as long as you own your home covering the door, hardware and springs. See the full written warranty for details
  • Windows can be added for increased aesthetic appeal as well as allowing additional light into the garage. Over 25 additional window designs are available and numerous glass options including clear, frosted, tinted and other specialty glass.
  • Rollers are made with a premium nylon sheath and include encased steel ball bearings for smoother and quieter operation, a tremendous benefit, especially for those with bedrooms over or near the garage.
  • White powder-coated heavy-duty tracks and hinges included - provides cleaner, more finished interior appearance and provides maximum protection against rust
  • Upgraded 7/8" diameter tubular steel back hangs with White Powder Coating - stronger than standard punched angle
  • Full perimeter primed wood/vinyl weather seal for increased seal around the jambs including heavy-duty bottom weather stripping